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Founder & CEO

Professional Skills

  • Software development

  • Computer vision

  • Geometry and Optimization

  • Navigation

Publication (SCI / SCIE)

  • Choi H., Ha, H. G., Lee, H., & Hong, J. Robust control point estimation with an out-of-focus camera calibration pattern. Pattern Recognition Letters. 2020.

  • Ahn, J., Choi, H., Hong, J., & Hong, J. Tracking Accuracy of a Stereo Camera-Based Augmented Reality Navigation System for Orthognathic Surgery. Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. 2019.

  • Choi H, Park Y, Lee S, Ha H, Kim S, Cho H, Hong J, A portable surgical navigation device to display resection planes for bone tumor surgery, Minim Invasive Ther, 26(3):144-150, Jan 2017.

  • Choi H, Cho B, Masamune K, Hashizume M, Hong J, An Effective Visualization Technique for Depth Perception in Augmented Reality-based Surgical Navigation, Int J Med Robot Comput Assist Surg, 12(1)62-72, Mar 2016.

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