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Senior Researcher

Professional Skills

  • Hardware Design and Control

  • Design and analysis of surgical robot

  • Mobile manipulator control

  • Design of robot gripper

Publication (SCI / SCIE)

  • Ji, D., Shim, S., Kim, S., Joung, S., & Hong, J. (2020). Master device with bending safety for flexible sugical robots. Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics, 12(6), 061003.

  • Ji, D., Kang, T. H., Shim, S., & Hong, J. (2020). Analysis of twist deformation in wire-driven continuum surgical robot. International Journal of Control, Automation and Systems, 18(1), 10-20.

  • Ji, D., Kang, T. H., Shim, S., Lee, S., & Hong, J.(2019). Wire-driven flexible manipulator with constrained spherical joints for minimally invasive surgery. International journal of computer assisted radiology and surgery, 14(8), 1365-1377.

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