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Co-Founder & Tech Lead

Professional Skills

  • Development of windows desktop application

  • 3D Graphics & Data Visualization

  • Computer Vision & Robot Vision

Conferences & Publications

  • Kang W, Jeon S, Hong J, A Fast Intensity-based 3D-2D Registration of Coronary Angiograms, Proceeding of ACCAS 2017, 2017.

  • Wonjin Kang, Hyunseok Choi, Hyunki Lee, New People Counting System with Reflective Markers, Proceeding of ISIITA 2019.

  • Bae, H., Kang, W., Lee, S., & Kim, Y. (2016). Development of a piecewise linear omnidirectional 3d image registration method. Review of Scientific Instruments, 87(12), 123109.

  • Shim, S., Choi, H., Ji, D., Kang, W., & Hong, J. (2018). Robotic system for bone drilling using a rolling friction mechanism. IEEE/ASME Transactions on Mechatronics, 23(5), 2295-2305.

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